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       Hi, thanks for checking out my site!...  for a formal bio/resume shoot me an email!    That said, here's my "I" list.  

  • I absolutely love photography

  • I take pictures

  • I solve problems

  • I communicate

  • I interact

  • I know how to light

  • I explore

  • I don't like to crop

  • I respect the budget

  • I love a great creative team

  • I get to surf at least 6 times a year

  • I get most of my creative idea's at 2am or while flying

  • I secretly want to be a DJ

  • I always appreciate feedback




       direct:  917.543.8495


CLIENT LIST: Reebok, NIKE, State Farm, AT&T, Verizon, Phat Farm, Sean John, Akademics, Mecca, Sony, The Art Institute of Chicago, Olay, Def Jam, Universal Music, Sony Records, Atlantic Records, Hollywood Records, Interscope Records, J Records, Colombia Records, EMI, Bluenote Records, ESPN, GQ, Maxim, Latina, FOX, Universal Pictures, Disney, Paramount, and Turner Broadcasting.